City of Albany Poverty Reduction Initiative

CAPRI Committees

A little about CAPRI

The CAPRI Committees are made up of local experts including individuals currently navigating poverty, advocates for local nonprofits and community organizations, representatives from local school districts, and local employers. The CAPRI Committees will work together to create a robust plan to target funds to link our most vulnerable workers, low income adults, and out of school youth with training, employment, and any other service needs identified by the community.

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Advisory Committees

The Advisory Committees work to provide expert opinions to help inform the Steering Committee on  how to spend project funds, ensure the community is heard, and community needs are addressed  within the Request for Proposals (RFP) the Steering Committee will create. In order to achieve this end,  the following Advisory Committees have been created and working to identify both community need  and possible solutions that would have meaningful and sustainable change for those living in poverty in the City of Albany.

Youth Advisory Committee

Provides the unique experiences of Youth living in poverty and what jobs and/or careers youth are interested in pursuing.

Adult Advisory Committee

Offers an in depth look at what the day-to-day challenges families living in poverty face and what changes they would like to see in the City of Albany in order to help alleviate their struggle.

Workforce Development Advisory Committee

Works to identify work currently being done in the community and strengthen existing supports.

Employers Advisory Committee

Informs the Steering Committee on what employment opportunities exist in the community as well as industry-specific needs and curricula.

Support Services Advisory Committee

Identifies the Support Services available in the City of Albany, how best to coordinate services, and identify any service gaps that exist.

Policy Advisory Committee

Advises the Steering Committee on what policies currently exist that exacerbates the problems related to poverty and what policies are working towards alleviating poverty in the City of Albany.