City of Albany Poverty Reduction Initiative

Local Residents. Local Jobs.

CAPRI is a local effort to support the residents of the City of Albany, NY towards finding employment that provides long-term stability and career advancement possibilities.
Our work is focused on creating opportunities for residents to obtain the education and special skills training they need to succeed in technical and specialized industry fields.

Job TrainingScholarship
Grassroots Driven

Grassroots Driven

We ask community members to provide insight into the local environment, to help steer discussion and strategies towards programs that are necessary and that provide the most benefit to people living in Albany.

Evidence-based Solutions

Data matters. CAPRI leverages real data collected from Town Halls, advisory group discussions, and educational forums to guide our problem-solving towards the solutions that will result in the greatest positive impact.
Evidence-based Programming  & Solutions


CAPRI is working to create relationships between local employers, workforce development providers, nonprofits organizations, and the community of Albany that will sustain CAPRI’s vision well beyond the initiative’s conclusion.