City of Albany Poverty Reduction Initiative

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What is CAPRI?

The City of Albany has been selected to participate in the Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative (ESPRI), Governor Cuomo’s new initiative to combat poverty and reduce inequality throughout New York State. Under the guidance of Mayor Kathy Sheehan, the City of Albany Poverty Reduction Initiative (CAPRI) aims to better align public and private resources with community-based interventions and build partnerships with community leaders, municipal and state government, direct service providers, the faith community, local employers, and, most importantly, the people impacted by poverty in order to develop sustainable strategies that address the unique needs of the community and reduce poverty in the City of Albany.

The CAPRI is an ambitious effort to build the capacity to deliver effective services by utilizing existing local resources more effectively and creating deep collaborative networks to purposefully improve the lives of those living in poverty.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan
"We're not going to start at zero. We're going to build on the work that we've done and on the relationships that we created"
Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan
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Our Guiding Principles

Grassroots Driven

Grassroots Driven

The right people. Individuals navigating poverty and community stakeholders are driving the discussion and helping to convert strategy into action by offering their experience and expertise.

Evidence-based Programming
& Solutions

Data matters. CAPRI approaches evaluation through a people-centered approach that results in rich data, community participation, and greater impact. CAPRI leverages data collected from Town Halls, advisory group discussions, and educational forums to assess opportunities, track progress, and create achievable solutions to reducing poverty in the City of Albany
Evidence-based Programming  & Solutions


Connection is a catalyst for change. CAPRI will connect our community and create relationships between workforce development providers, nonprofits, employers, and those navigating poverty that will sustain CAPRI’s vision of reducing poverty in the City of Albany well beyond the initiative’s conclusion.